Pretzel Treats

                                                     Sometimes you need to make a treat or take a desert somewhere and you don't have the energy or time. You could always buy cookies, cupcakes or a pie but those can be so expensive.  I am going to share with you a delicious idea that is tasty and easy on your budget.   I did not have the time to bake Read more

Snowball Quilt

       Throwback Thursday- Snowball Quilt On Thursdays this summer I am going to highlight a craft that I have done in the past that got no blog love when I posted it because it was on my old blog which no one including family every saw.  This quilt was completed over a year ago but is still one that I am very proud of                                             Read more

Tea Towel with Free Printable

 Tea Towel with Free Printable I love using graphic from The Graphics Fairy.  The above graphic came from that site and I used it recently to decorate some tea towels.  When I was growing up my mom would have called them cup towels.  I have lived in different regions of the USA and have never heard them called anything but tea towels and dish towels by anyone but my family.  I looked up the word and found this: cup towel noun Southern U.S., especially Texas, U.S. Read more

Bridesmaid Boxes that your Girls will love!

One of the things that made me most excited after getting engaged was to ask my sister, best friend, and future sister in-law to be in our bridal party!  I knew they would all say yes and of course I couldn't wait until I made them a fun gift!  But after they had all said yes I decided I wanted to make them something special.  I've seen lots of fun bridal party boxes online and decided I wanted to make my own for these very special girls!   I got the boxes on Etsy at Decadent Read more

Repurposed Drawer Table

           Throwback Thursday: Repurposed Drawer Table                                                                 Awhile back I made a series of projects out of drawers.  At the time I was blogging at a different blog and maybe ten people saw the posts.  That is very generous and assuming Read more

Wedding DIY

                                                      Wedding DIY  Originally posted on my first blog in 2013 when only four people saw it and I was pleased that those four saw it.  I am planning to make an arrangement for an upcoming wedding of about ten of these photo boards.  The bride is going to use them to display pictures of the grandparent's Read more

Craft Frenzy Friday #47

Welcome to Craft Frenzy Friday!     We love to see your crafts, recipes, diy projects, and much more!  We will pin every link to our pinterest board every week.  The people featured will additionally get pinned onto our featured board!  We hope that you will share your blogs with us!     We want to thank everyone for joining us at Craft Frenzy Friday and hope that you will follow our host!   Craft Dictator: Blog/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Bloglovin’/Pinterest/Google+  Busy Read more

Adult Popsicles

                                                                                                                                      Adult Popsicles Recently Read more

Refuel with Snickers® and Dr.Pepper after a hard days work #Refuel2Go #shop #cbias

 I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.  It seems like every weekend there is a craft or diy project I am working on.  I guess that is part of being in the crafting blog world!  I love the projects but sometimes they are hard work!  This weekend my fiance and his friend built a planter box for one of our friends!  While we Read more

A Vacation Is Good For Your Blog

Four Reasons a Vacation is Good For Your Blog I am taking a vacation this year and am feeling a little guilty.  I need to do some continuing education for my job and I will be missing blogging time while I am away.  To justify taking a vacation when I have so much to do I have come up with five reasons a vacation is good for your blog and for your life.   1. The most important reason to take a vacation is to reconnect with friends and family. Blogging takes time away from Read more