Thankful Sign

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 Fall Thankful Sign

One of my favorite sites to find graphics is Graphics Fairy. I have used her graphics on many of my previous projects including, Jar Labels, 4th of July Banner, Dishtowel DIY, and Tea Towel Printable.  As I started planning my decorations for the Fall season I went back to Graphics Fairy for inspiration. The Thankful Sign was a perfect project to use two of my favorite things; spray paint and stencils.  Lately I have spray painted chairs, shirts, signs, and picture frames.


My fall decorating theme this year is centering around white and gold.  The first project was a sign to sit on the mantel of the den.  I started with a scrap of wood left over from a recent remodeling project.  I used a gray stain to prepare the board for decoration.  I cut the design out and white washed it onto the wood.



I loved the way this looked but thought it needed a little more.  I used a Silhouette to cut out the word.  I used vinyl as a stencil.  


I then applied the vinyl to the board and taped it for a coat of gold spray paint.


After letting the spray paint dry I removed the stencil and the project was finished.


I love how the project turned out but had a hard time photographing it.  The letters where shiny and difficult for me to capture their wonderfulness.


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Fall Thankful Sign



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Thankful Sign — 37 Comments

  1. This is sooooo cute! I wish I had the ability to create things like that ūüėČ I have a few spray paint projects that I need to hurry and do before it gets to cold to spray paint outside

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