Thankful Sign (Throwback Thursday)

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 This is a post from a couple of years ago.  I love Thanksgiving and decorating for it.  I am making new signs and decorations for this year but wanted to showoff an old favorite that I still love, the Thankful Sign.

Thankful Sign

As I was cruising through Pinterest I saw this graphic.  I can’t find where I found it but I saved the image.  I love argyle and thought it would be a great fall sign to decorate with.  


I went scavenging through the garage and found the following to help make this happen:

  • Some paint sample cards that I got out of the trash at the paint store last year. They were from the previous season and were being thrown away.  The clerk could not believe that I wanted them.  They have been living in a baggie waiting to be used.
  • A wooden placemat that I got at a garage sale for 25 cents.
  • Primer
  • Green paper
Step One:  I cut out diamond shapes. This was the hardest part.  I did not have a template and they kept looking wonky.  The I remembered that a diamond is really a rhombus. I googled how to make a rhombus and found this video: followed the steps and cut some awesome shapes.
Step Two: I primed and then painted the placemat.
Step Three: I decided I did not like the half painted/half decoupage look so I decoupaged over the painted areas. I added the words and finished with a final coat of Mod Podge.
Step Four:  I attached a ribbon so I could hang it on my wreath stand that always ends up having signs hung on it rather than wreaths.  I like to make signs not wreaths.

  The paint sample that I saved from the trash!

    I primed the placemat because I did not think I was going to decoupage the whole placemat.

I did not hand letter the sign.  After the new year one of my goals is to learn how to hand letter.

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