Easy Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

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Easy Last Minute Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and of course I wait until last minute to figure out gifts.  So I came up with an easy last minute Mother’s Day gift that anyone will love! I have a silhouette cameo so I figured why not just make something with that.  I had everyone figured out but my fiances two grandmothers.  Of course he was no help but I knew they both loved cooking so I figured I’d make them something they could use in the kitchen.


I found these 7.75 inch round cutting boards at the Dollar Tree for $1.  I love cheap finds to put vinyl and I’ve seen other people make cute cutting boards with these!   I wanted to come up with a design I could use for both of them which is not easy because they are very different people!  Finally, I came up with this design.


I had looked all over Pinterest to find something but just decided to make one myself.  I created it in illustrator and then pulled it into Silhouette Studio and traced it.

5-7-2015 3-18-05 PM

I didn’t want the vinyl on the front of the cutting board because I had a feeling it would get ruined by the knives so I flipped the design using mirror right so that I could stick it on the back of the cutting board.

5-7-2015 3-20-43 PM

I cut my vinyl and weeded it and then cleaned off the back of my cutting board so the vinyl would have a clean surface to stick to.


I then centered my design and adhered it to the cutting board.


 Once it was finished I loved the way it looked!  This was such an easy and simple way to make a gift for some of the wonderful women in my life!  They were so cheap I want to make one for everyone I know now!  You could also put this on wood or anything your hearts desired for your Mom’s kitchen!


If you love this design you can download it below!  I’ve created studio versions of it with different names such as Grandma, Mommaw, Meme, Nana, etc.

Download Here!

Now go and make that special woman in  your life something she will absolutely love! 

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Easy Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift — 5 Comments

  1. I love this design! Thank you so much for sharing your talent! Going to make a bunch for gifts! Do you have the original design. I wanted to put my sisters names on them. Thought I’d ask – no worries if not!

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