Pretzel Treats

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Sometimes you need to make a treat or take a desert somewhere and you don’t have the energy or time. You could always buy cookies, cupcakes or a pie but those can be so expensive.  I am going to share with you a delicious idea that is tasty and easy on your budget.  

I did not have the time to bake cookies which are my go to treat.  I needed something fast and easy.  I had left over pretzels from making pretzel salad earlier in the week.


I went through the pantry and found a half used package of chocolate chips, and a package of white chocolate chips.  I was on a roll.


I could have dipped the pretzels in the dark chocolate and then done a drizzle of white chocolate on them.  I wanted my pretzel treats to be more significant that that. I went back to the pantry and got out some of the Halloween candy I had already bought.  I unwrapped six small Butterfingers and six small Snickers.  I chopped them finely.



                                             I spread the pretzels out on a lined cookie sheet.


The next step was to melt some of the chocolate chips and drizzle them over the pretzels.  This was the base for my treats.



Now comes the easy part.  I dumped the chopped candy on the pretzels and then drizzled them with white chocolate. I topped off each treat with a peanut candy.


This would be a great treat to make after Halloween with left over candy.  It would have been great with a mix of candy.


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Pretzel Treats — 2 Comments

  1. Yum! I’d love a few of these right now. There is candy all over this workplace and I can’t stop! Haha, I’m supposed to be eating healthy. That is so hard when everywhere I turn I see Twix, Kitkat’s, & Reese’s which are my favorite! I hope your having a great Tuesday!
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