Keurig Ice Tea Hack

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 Keurig Ice Tea Hack

A couple of months ago we did a review of Lipton  Iced Tea Keurig cups.  I had no idea before trying them how good they would be.  I immediately took them all for myself and shared none of them with Cara.  I loved the taste of brewed tea that was so quick and easy.  In the past I have used tea bags in the microwave to make small amounts of iced tea.  I liked using the Keurig and it was so easy.  The problem occurred when I went to buy another box.  The store did not have the mixed box of tea, sweet tea, and lemon flavored tea.  All they had at the store was Iced Tea Lemonade.  When I made my first glass I was in love.  I drank a cup with breakfast and would have one with dinner.  At that rate the pricey boxes of 16 cups was going fast.  Then another member of my family discovered the cups and I was in crisis.  Did I buy a box for me and hide them from everyone else.  I finally decided that I had to come up with a solution because of the price of the K cups and I did not like adding my additional leftover plastic cups to the local landfill.  


We already owned a reusable cup to use with the Keurig, so on my next shopping trip I bought loose tea to brew. I liked the flavor of the brewed tea.  In preparing to write this blog I have been thinking about what I like in brewed tea as opposed to instant tea.  I like that it is clear, fresh tasting, and has a slight acidic taste (tannin?) at the end.


 I love the taste of the tea brewed in the Keurig.  To add the taste of lemonade to the tea I tried three different methods.

1) I made homemade lemonade and after the tea was brewed mixed the two.  My favorite by far but not very convenient.

* This method tasted great but was messy and time-consuming.  

2) I added powdered lemonade in with the loosed tea before I placed the pod into the Keurig.

* This did not workout as I had planned.  I could not put enough powdered lemonade in the pod. It tasted too weak.

3) I put the powdered lemonade into the bottom of the cup that the hot tea was going into. Even though the hot tea poured over the lemonade mix and mixed it somewhat I still had to stir the two together.

* This method was the winner.  It tasted great and was an easy way to replicate the taste of the Lipton tea. I added a rounded tablespoon to each cup I made before adding the tea.  The lemonade will have to be adjusted to your taste.




 To see if it was my imagination I conducted a taste test.  I brewed the Kcup Iced Tea Lemonade and my own mixture of tea leaves and powdered lemonade.  I only had a one man tasting committee (and he would still be happy if we had Hawaiian Punch with dinner like we did in college) but he could not tell the difference in the hacked version and the real thing. This is a very inexpensive way to make some great tasting tea and easily add the taste of lemonade.


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Keurig Ice Tea Hack — 2 Comments

  1. Great idea! Adding wet to dry, as well as tea/coffee to sweetener and dairy, is my preferred method for many reasons. Thanks for the money-saving idea.

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