Tea Towel with Free Printable

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 Tea Towel with Free Printable

I love using graphic from The Graphics Fairy.  The above graphic came from that site and I used it recently to decorate some tea towels.  When I was growing up my mom would have called them cup towels.  I have lived in different regions of the USA and have never heard them called anything but tea towels and dish towels by anyone but my family.  I looked up the word and found this: cup towel noun Southern U.S., especially Texas, U.S. meaning a dishtowel.  Well since I grew up in Texas this is why I want to call this a cup towel, but since Google will like it better I am calling it a tea towel.

I love finding graphics at Graphics Fairy.  They are abundant and so easy to use.  And the added bonus is that she shares them for free. This is the link to the graphic I used for this project.  



                                                          bird friend (1)

This can be downloaded at:


 I am going on a friend’s retreat soon and wanted to make something to let the women know how much I value our friendships.  The original plan was to silk screen the image and poem onto TShirts.  Let’s just say that plan did not work.  The silk screening skills need some work.  So I fell back on my old stand by: iron fabric onto freezer paper and print out your design.  


 The design printed out great but would not have worked sewn onto a tshirt.  This is where Hobby Lobby came to the rescue.  I had bought some great cup towels (tea towels) when they had their last 90% off sale.  I had been saving them for the perfect project.


 I turned the raw edges under and sewed the printed fabric onto one of the tea towels.  I did not like the edge so I finished it off with some ric rac.  The trim made a nice border (frame) for the small print.


The finished towel.  I love the towels with the extra message added to it.  





 The trim is a perfect finish for the towels.  They will make great gifts to share with my friends.  They cost less than $2 for a pair (thanks to the Hobby Lobby sale) and took less two hours to make five pair.  Next the wrapping.  I grew up with an impulsive mom who bought you a present and was so excited about giving it to you that she often handed it to you before the special occasion in a Target sack. I am somewhat the same.  Gift wrapping is not something I love to do. I am not a great gift wrapper but I wanted to do something nice for these special women.  I used the same graphic  from the towel and added it to some paper and twine I already had.



 I did not use a box to wrap the presents.  I wanted them to have the old time parcel look.  I was going for  the vintage look of someones grandmother having picked them up from the dry goods store with a modern twist.

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Tea Towel with Free Printable — 9 Comments

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  2. Love these teatowels, I have made some and find that when washed the print comes off is there a way to stop this happening?
    I live in Aust and I call them teatowels.

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