Wedding DIY

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Wedding DIY 

Originally posted on my first blog in 2013 when only four people saw it and I was pleased that those four saw it.  I am planning to make an arrangement for an upcoming wedding of about ten of these photo boards.  The bride is going to use them to display pictures of the grandparent’s and parent’s wedding pictures.  They will be of varying heights and colors to give the scene that shabby look.  I styled the picture above to give the bride an idea of what the boards could look like.

                                                               Original Blog



I found this chair at the side of the road.  It had been abused and used and was no longer a able to be repaired as a chair.  The reason I got out of the car in the rain to put it in the car is the legs.  I knew I could use the legs to make something useful and beautiful.


First I had to pull out my two favorite tools.  


The first thing I made with the chair leg was this orange bowl.  



I started this photo board the day I made the orange bowl. I got frustrated with it and put it to the side for a couple of weeks.  I could not get the base attached to the board.  Tonight I went back and worked on it and everything worked perfect.  It is amazing what happens when you don’t push and let creativity come to you in it’s own time.






These are some of the ideas I came up to show the bride to be.  She is having a beach wedding and loves succulents.    


 The invitation pinned on the board is not her actual invitation but is one she is considering.  The colors are still up for consideration.



As I make more of these I will be posting.  I think these are going to look great with all the family pictures on them.


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