A Vacation Is Good For Your Blog

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Four Reasons a Vacation is Good For Your Blog

I am taking a vacation this year and am feeling a little guilty.  I need to do some continuing education for my job and I will be missing blogging time while I am away.  To justify taking a vacation when I have so much to do I have come up with five reasons a vacation is good for your blog and for your life.


1. The most important reason to take a vacation is to reconnect with friends and family. Blogging takes time away from family and friends and a vacation is a great time to get some quality time back.  A driving trip is a great time to unplug you family and really talk to each other.  Bonding over everyday chores at that cabin on the river is a time to really talk and bond.  Taking time to play games with each other and participate in sports make memories that will last a life time.  You can do a lot of reconnecting floating on a river, sitting by the shore or hiking in the mountains.

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2. Vacations can get you out of the stress rut where many of us live.  Take time to let work, home improvements, and your blog take a backseat to relaxing.  Research shows that people are healthier and have more life satisfaction if they vacation. According to the Livestrong Fitness Blog,”We all know stress isn’t good for us and one of the cures is to take time off to stave off burnout and promote overall well-being. A relaxing vacation should last long after the days off are over and translate into better sleep, mood and fewer physical complaints. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. But beware: if you don’t delegate any of the work you have to others while you are gone, you may return to even more stress as you struggle to make up time lost.”



3. Vacations are a great time to recharge your creativity.  In a recent CNN Health article they stated, “Detaching yourself from your familiar environment can help you get new perspectives”.”Research shows that a change of scenery, from a midday walk in the fresh air to a year frolicking in a foreign country, can indeed summon your muses and be a great boon to your artistic brilliance.” The previous quote came from Giumundo and the whole article can be found here. Be sure to take along a notebook to write down your creative ideas when you vacation. Use what you have written in your notebook to inspire you when you return home and hit a dry spell. Also remember to take pictures that inspire you.  When you get home make a creative board of the pictures as an inspiration.




4. Crafting on the go.  Take along some crafting you can do on the go.  I always take along small knitting projects to work on in  the car. I never have time to sit and knit when I am at home, working and blogging, but I do on vacation.  I read this cute blog about crafting on holiday, you can check it out here. A vacation is also a great time to learn a new craft. When you are with your grandmother, ask her to teach you how to crochet. It is also fun to take along craft activities to do with the family.  




Happy Summer and I hope you consider a soul nourishing vacation soon!






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A Vacation Is Good For Your Blog — 3 Comments

  1. I think these are great tips. I need to go on a weekend vacation soon or in going to lose my mind. I live in the city & all of this noise, lights, & everything else is getting to me. I hope you have a great Monday.
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  2. It is really in fact a nice and handy bit of info. Now i am delighted that you simply provided this handy information here. You should keep us updated in this way. Appreciation for giving.

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