How To Make Fabric Sacks

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 How To Make Fabric Sacks

If you read Cara’s last post you know we are planning for a wedding.  I have been crafting since I went to Blue Bird camp when I was 6.  I would not leave the arts and crafts tent until they kicked me out for dinner each night.  I feel like I have been preparing for a DIY wedding my whole crafting life. If you sew at all you have you have extra scraps of fabric after a project is finished.  If you junk then you have seen a great napkin or piece of fabric you would like to have but what will you do with it? Fabric Sacks are the answer.  If they are small all you need is fabric.  If you make larger ones (a tutorial for another day) you will need to line them and use interfacing.  How to make these fabric sacks is easy and fast.  We made ours the size needed to fit a piece of foam we were going to use to secure a plant into the sack.



The first step is to decide the size you want your sack.  Cut the circumference one half inch larger (if you are planning on making a one fourth inch seam) than the finished size you want the sack to be.



 With the right sides together stitch down the side to make a fabric tube. Next seam across the bottom.  Now you should have three closed sides and one open side at the top.



There are many great tutorials on line for making squared bottoms.  One the white bag I used the tutorial HERE and on the green one I simply formed the corner by sewing the flap to the side. I like this look and plan to make the rest the same way.




The final step is to hem the top of the bag.  I just ironed the fabric over and pressed it and then turned it and ironed it a second time to make a clean seam before sewing it.


I embellished the front of the white sack.  I intentionally made the design look faded and vintage.  The technique I used can be found here. I made these to use in centerpieces for a wedding.  These are the prototypes.  The real ones will be designed for the bride and groom. We came up with the idea as a way to personalize the centerpieces.


This is where we started.  With succulents from Hobby Lobby.



Next we found jars and a fabulous tray.



We liked the look of the succulents but wanted to not use three jars in a row.  Break it up and add some personalization.






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