Quilt As You Go Duffle Bag

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Quilt As You Go Duffle Bag

I finally got the binding put on the Beach Towel Quilt and made a quilt as you go duffle to store it in.  This quilt was made to be used.  This quilt as you go duffle will make it easy to take it along to the beach, park, or on a road trip.  The reason I chose the duffle shape is that when the quilt is in the duffle it is a great pillow.  So now it can serve another purpose, quilt and pillow.  I finished the binding first.


Initially I thought I wanted to use orange polka dot binding on this quilt.  I cut a strip and tried it out and was not happy with the result.  The turquoise polka dot in my opinion looked much more balanced.  I like to quilt but do not like to put binding on.  I have another quilt finished but haven’t finished the binding.  The reason I decided to blog about this quilt is the accountability factor.  I knew if I blogged about it I would finish the binding in a timely fashion.  I have watched many tutorials on binding but still am not great at it and really don’t like to do it.DSC_0392[1]

I am really glad how the quilt turned out.  The binding was the right choice.  The beach towel as backing gives it just the right amount of cuddle.


I like machine quilting on my home machine rather than taking the quilt to someone to quilt on a longarm quiliter.  The expense of having one quilted on a longarm machine has gotten out of my price range. When I got finished with the quilt and was planning the duffle bag I decided to quilt the bottom of the bag to give it extra stability.  I had extra strips of fabric left over from the quilt.  My favorite Quilt As You Go technique is strip quilting.  I have made several quilts using this technique.  A couple examples are :


There are many great tutorials online that can teach you how to use this technique.  My favorite is this one.


I quilted the bottom for added stability.  I wanted the duffle to be able to stand on its own.  I did not have enough scraps left over to quilt the whole duffle.  I just added the top out of left over fabric from the quilt.  I made a drawstring closure.  


When I make my next quilt and duffle I will take pictures of how I lined the duffle and share them with you.  The quilt and duffle is a present for my daughter.  I am going to give them to her when we go for a family vacation at the river.  I hope to have some great pics of her using the quilt. 

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Quilt As You Go Duffle Bag — 52 Comments

  1. Towel quilt looks awesome! I love the duffle bag! awesome way to store it and for a pillow for naps on the way back from the picnic! I think it looks pretty cool with just the bottom done too – intentional vs. running out of scraps :) The one hanging with the black/white/green, is totally cool! now, where’s the other you need to finish?
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  2. Wow! Spectacular job! I love the colors on the quilt (and pattern) as well as the duffle bag. I would so use the duffle bag in every day life as well. Loved my visit.

  3. That is a great resource for the beach.. we are always with blankets that get sand everywhere.. now if we put the quilt in the bag it eliminates the sand everywhere..

  4. I’ve always been fascinated by photos of quilted items. I would love to try it but I am not sure if I have the patience. Your items are gorgeous.

  5. Love the bag but love the one quilt you made with the almost rainbow colors. Great jobs and thanks for sharing.

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