10 Delicious Treats For Mom On Mother’s Day #mothersday #food

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10 Delicious Treats For Mom On Mother's Day | Craft Dictator

Mother’s Day is Sunday and I’ve been thinking about some delicious treats I can make my mom!  So I decided to get together 10 Delicious Treats for Mom On Mother’s Day!  My mom loves trying new recipes and she is an amazing baker so making something that I know she will love is sometimes hard!  But these are 10 of our own delicious treats that we have made here at Craft Dictator that I know she loves!  Her favorite out of these are the Hello Dollies!  My grandmother used to make these for her and then she made them for me so this is a very special family treat that has been passed on through the generations in our family!  The Haystack cookies are also a family favorite because they are so simple and everyone loves them!  I’m so excited to share all these treats because I personally know all of them are delicious!  

10 Delicious Treats For Mom On Mother's Day | Craft Dictator


1-Red Velvet Cupcakes from Scratch

2-Cornflake Hay Stack Cookies

3-Cream Cheese Filled Monkey Bread

4-Death By Chocolate Mousse


10 Delicious Treats For Mom On Mother's Day | Craft Dictator


5-Hello Dollies (My Mom’s Personal Favorite!)

6-Clone of a Cinnabon

7-Cake Mix Banana Nut Muffins

8-Sopapilla Cheesecake (Another one of My Mom’s Favorites!)


10 Delicious Treats For Mom On Mother's Day | Craft Dictator


9-German Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

10-German Chocolate Pie


Your mom will love all of these Delicious Treats on Mother’s Day!  Plus anything you make yourself is always a plus in any Mom’s eyes!  We hope that all of the Mother’s out there have a wonderful Mother’s that is filled with love!




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  11. The cake mix nuts banana muffins look just so tasty.

    I´m not even good at cooking. But I loved this recipes. I think any mom would be pleased and super happy to see these cakes or muffins as a way to show her love.

    I think I might try the banana muffin!

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