Scarf Storage and Jewelry Organizer

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I love scarfs and necklaces! I wear one of the two almost everyday to work. Scarf storage and a good jewelry organizer have become a real need in my life.  I get home from work and hang a scarf in my closet on a rack and then it gets lost in the mess and I can’t find it when I need it next.  A jewelry organizer has become a must because I have had to look for necklaces that I take off in random places (computer desk, top of refrigerator, den shelf) and then when I am getting ready for work I can’t find the one I need.  So it was off to the garage to create!


 I started with two of my favorite tools.  When I learned how to use a drill it changed my life.

hall5Since I love spindles and create with them often, double sided screws are essential.  They are such a clean and each way to attach two pieces of wood. Below is a diagram of the junky pieces that I combined to make these useful items.  I was lucky that I did not have to cut any wood.  I used scraps from other projects. The finials were bought at Hobby Lobby.




The top of the scarf organizer came from a egg tray that I used at Easter.  When I was taking it apart for storage the bottom layer seemed perfect for this project. The other three layers are going to be made into additional scarf organizers and be listed on our Etsy store in the near future.



 The scarf organizer is perfect.  It is tall enough to display the longer scarfs I have been wearing lately.


 The holes are a perfect size to loop the scarfs through without wrinkling them too much.


 The scarf and jewelry organizers were both painted white because they will be used together and I liked the way the color unified them



 The arms of the jewelry organizer are higher because some of the necklaces I have been wearing are longer. It made me so happy to see the jewelry displayed and organized.

2            1

 These two simple organizing tools should make getting dressed for work easier and faster.






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