Save The Date

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I have recently been pricing Save The Date magnets.  Save The Date magnets, even online, are fairly expensive.  I started looking around my craft world for materials to make my own Save The Date magnets.  I decided the two that I would make were going to be maps because they would both be destination events.  With airfare as expensive as it is you need to be able to plan for travel in advance.


 The first step was to scan maps to use.  After scanning them and adding text I edited them in Pic Monkey.  I have probably told you this before but I love Pic Monkey. 


 I used a Mason jar lid as a template to cut out the maps.


 After the maps were glued onto the jar lids, I decided I am not very good at cutting circles.  When I make more I may print these on round labels so the cutting is not such a factor.


 To add to these magnets, and to cover up my less than perfect cutting, I added trim around the edge.  As with most crafting the ideas that come last are often what makes the project perfect.  I only added the shells and sparkles to cover the edges, but they ended up making the magnets so much better.




 After the fronts were complete I added magnets to the back.  These magnets were very inexpensive and worked great.


 The next step was photographing these beauties.  I did not realize that my refrigerator door needed cleaning.  After finding the cleaner and making the door picture ready I was able to begin.


I love how these turned out.  They were very inexpensive to make and I think they would really make an impact.

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2.8K Flares Twitter 83 Facebook 66 StumbleUpon 2.5K Google+ 75 Pin It Share 0 Reddit 0 Email -- 2.8K Flares ×


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  2. Very nice crafts ideas. Indeed, we can turn everything into useful stuff if we only knew that there was a way to do it, if our time permits and we have have the resources (additional ) to make the project thought a reality.

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