Map Eggs

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3If you have ever read our blog before you know I am obsessed by maps.  Especially maps and decoupage.  These map eggs may be my favorite map project of all time.  They were very quick and easy and turned out well.  These map eggs are going to be in the “Man Cave” (the name I let my husband call the den).  I made them to decorate for Easter but they may have a permanent place of the bookshelves in a bowl I am redoing next week. These map eggs will look great with the vintage baseball pennants, postcards and general funky junk of the room.

Making Map Eggs

2013-04-08 02.08.30I did not use wooden eggs because they were more expensive and I already had these left over plastic eggs which had been FREE! I did not prime the egg.  

2013-04-08 02.08.42

I have saved all the map scraps from other projects.  I love maps so much that I could not bear to throw the left overs away.  These small bits were perfect for the map eggs.

2013-04-08 02.08.39

I also added some additional maps.  I chose this one because I like the balance between land and water. 

2013-04-08 02.08.50

Next came the Modge Podge.  I should buy stock.  I love Modge Podge.  For these eggs I used the high luster (shiny) Modge Podge.  I wish I had used matte.  When I got ready to take the pictures the shiny was difficult to photograph.

2013-04-08 02.08.53

The map paper is thick and was not easy to attach to the eggs.  I solved that by soaking the paper in water for a few minutes before Modge Podging it onto the eggs.

2013-04-08 02.08.45

This project involved lots of Modge Podge.  It would have been easier to attach the paper to wooden eggs but the cost made the plastic ones a perfect choice.


I love using PicMonkey to add titles to my pictures.  This was one of the pictures I edited. 


I have a hard time taking pictures of shiny objects.  The eggs will look great in a bowl shiny but being a beginning photographer they were challenging. This is the eggs posing on the egg stand that was featured here.


I have been so busy since I bought my camera.  I can’t wait for things to slow down so that I can become a better photographer.


This is not the last eggs of the Easter season.  Come back on Sunday to see another Easter egg creation.

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