Chalkboard Easter Eggs

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I have been enjoying getting ready for Easter this year.  Today I worked on table decorations.  I made chalkboard Easter Eggs.  They were so simple and so much fun. I plan on putting them on the table blank and have some chalk markers out and let everyone decorate the eggs.  I run with an artsy group so I imagine they will turn out great!  I also repainted an egg stand that came from on of my early morning junk hunts. I stopped to check out a chair and ended up with it and this wonderful egg stand. 

cbe6It was in parts and very dirty.  I cleaned it up and gave it a clean coat of white paint.  It looks so much better.  As you can see from it’s tag it was pricey when it was new.  


DSC_0958[1]I have been saving eggs shells for months to get ready for Easter.  The ones with the large holes were used to make confetti eggs and the ones with small holes got a coat or two of chalkboard paint.


I love spray paint.  The results are so instant and perfect.  I think the eggs painted black are so appealing.  I got a little on the grass but that will be cut soon. 


I had way too much cat help during this project.  Lizzy the cat kept trying to jump on me. In the pic above she was about to jump to get closer to the spray painting action.  Nothing like crafting (or sewing, or cooking, or anything) with an overly curious cat who probably has some sort of attachment disorder. 

cbe4These lovely chalkboard Easter eggs are ready for the holidays.  They could be used in the place of place cards, as a table decoration, or as an ornament on an Easter tree.


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