Wedding Cookies

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  I wanted to bake Wedding Cookies for a family wedding.  I got to help with the cake table so that was the perfect place to include wedding cookies.  I also wanted to add height to the table and decided to do it with cookie trees. 

Wedding Cookies


 We have shown you cookie trees before here.

Cookie Tree Collage

 I wanted the cookie trees that I made for the wedding to be taller and thinner.  I could not find any grapevine trees that would work.  At the hardware store I found garden plant cages that I thought would work.  


 Here they are in the hotel room waiting to be decorated.  


As soon as we started decorating I realized that I had underestimated how many cookies it would take to decorate both trees.  It was a little stressful.



 It took many hands to tie all the cookies onto the trees. I made 100 cookies, but next time I will make 150 to decorate the two trees.  I could not have used smaller trees because I want them to hold the banner that was going over the cake.


Still adding cookies!


And  more cookies!


And more!!!


This is the final product.  I added beads and ribbon to fill in the blank spaces.  Also tissue paper fluff balls were added to the top and bottom to add texture.


This is just what I had in my head.  The sign was hand lettered by the groom’s sister. It was such a nice touch. Do you notice the stand for the cake? We made it also.  The groom’s Aunt Deb and I did it.  The mom had a cabinet door she had purchased at the Habitat for Humanity restore that she wanted to use as a cake stand.  I had four round legs I was going to attach to the door to make the stand.  When I saw the size of the door I knew my legs were too small. Off to Hobby Lobby!

Cake Stand


It was late and there were no appropriate legs to be found.  Aunt Deb and I came up with the idea of making our own legs with purchased wood cubes and small wooden plaques.


I do not have any pics of us gluing and painting the legs.  Time was at a premium at this point and the wedding must go on!


The Cake


The cake stand ready and waiting for the cake.  I love it’s black legs.  That was Aunt Deb’s idea and I loved how it turned out.

 cake stand

I like how the finished table came out.  In photographing it I found out how hard it is to include everything on a six foot table in one picture. Behind the table you will notice you do not see the photo exhibit that was on the wall in earlier pictures.  We used pipe and drape to cover some of the photos.  But more on that in another post.

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