Strawberry Crepes

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Strawberry Crepes | Craft Dictator

Today my sister Megan will be guest blogging!  She loves to cook and create like Mom and I!  We are so excited to share her Strawberry Crepe recipe with everyone!

Strawberry Crepes

Two years ago, my boyfriend and I went to a wedding outside Pittsburgh of some friends of ours. After the wedding, we decided to check out his old haunts from law school for a couple of days. We had hot dogs with macaroni and cheese, sandwiches the size of our face, and these amazing pancakes at a place called Pamela’s. These pancakes were actually more like crepes, they were thin and crispy around the edges and filled with a sour cream sauce and strawberries. Simply amazing! So, a couple of years later I got a hankering for these crepes after I read an article on Cooks Illustrated about how to make the perfect crepes.

First off, here are some starters. Use a non-stick pan (if possible). I used a 9” pan, it is the perfect size. Make sure you heat the pan beforehand for about 10 minutes at medium to medium high. Every stove is different, I have a gas stove and heat it a little over the medium setting.

You also need the proper tools, I use my favorite pink silicon spatula and my rounded (this is key) Spiderman spatula – both from Williams Sonoma – and both are perfect for this project.Strawberry Crepes | Craft Dictator

While your pan is heating, I prepared the sour cream sauce for the filling. This morning, I thought I had regular sour cream, but I had low fat. This made it quite thinner than it should be, and it honestly did not taste as good as regular (extra fatty) sour cream.

Strawberry Crepes | Craft Dictator

First, put a desire dollop of sour cream in a bowl, next (to taste) pour in powdered sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla. You want your sauce to be thicker than mine turned out, so you want to use less powdered sugar. You want to have about the consistency of whipped cream. This morning, I failed at my attempt because the deceiving “low fat” sour cream at Whole Foods. Don’t make the same mistake, regular sour cream is so much better. During this time, also cut your strawberries for your filling and to top your crepes with, you can also use other types of berries or peaches – all are delicious!

Strawberry Crepes | Craft Dictator

Next, you’ll want to make your batter. The key to this recipe is mixing your eggs and your flour first. Then, mix in 1/2 a cup of water, mix for a while, then 1/2 a cup of milk (I used almond and it works just fine). Then, I mixed in the salt and oil (you can use butter, but I think the oil helps the batter cook better). When your batter is complete it should have a think consistency. This is key. Your batter needs to be much thinner than your traditional pancake batter.

Strawberry Crepes | Craft Dictator


  • Recipe 
  • 1 cup flour

  • 2 eggs

  • 1/2 cup milk

  • 1/2 cup water

  • 2 tablespoons butter

Okay, it’s time to cook! With a measuring cup, scoop out 1/4 cup of batter. This is all you will need – trust me! Pour around the pan in a circle motion, when done pouring, you will want to move the batter around the pan to make sure the crepe is thin.

Strawberry Crepes | Craft Dictator

It will cook quickly, so be prepared with your spatula. Lift up the side and it should be golden brown. Now – FLIP! You will cook the other side until it is done, this will also not take long. Take off the heat and plate.

Strawberry Crepes | Craft Dictator

Now that you have your golden brown crepe on the plate, you will need fill it. I used an icing spreading thingy. Spread the filling and then stuff with strawberries. You can do this one or two ways, you can fold it in half (the easiest – I mean let’s be honest, they all taste the same), or you can fold it into a cylinder (again – they all taste the same). Next, top with strawberries (yum!) and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Voila! You have the best, and quite easy breakfast.

              Strawberry Crepes | Craft Dictator   Strawberry Crepes | Craft Dictator

Here are some things I’ve learned, you may have a couple of “burners” and this isn’t a big deal. I burned a couple before I got it right. Practice makes perfect. Also, there are lots of great fillings for crepes, in DC one of the favorites is Nutella and banana, people here even put sandwich meat and lettuce and all that jazz in them. Be creative! Also, some good things to add to the batter: cinnamon, a pinch of sugar, a little bit of vanilla – all of these will add some flavor. ENJOY!

Strawberry Crepes | Craft Dictator

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Strawberry Crepes — 25 Comments

  1. Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy these – they are great in the summer too with all the fresh fruit available. What are your toppings of choice?

  2. i love crepes, The first time I had one the taste stayed in my head. I just had a delicious crepes from ihop last week. thanks for sharing this simple recipe. i want to try this if i get a cravings for crepes
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