St. Patrick’s Day Printables and Cards

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 The graphics can be downloaded HERE!


These are some St. Patrick’s Day printables that I came up with this week.  I wanted to make some cute St.Patrick’s Day printables that could also be used  if you are wishing someone luck.  I put the printables on cards and on a small tray but they could be used in so many ways.  

Kiss Me I'm Irish Printable | Craft Dictator

They could be used as a tag on a jar like these:

 On containers like these:




Or on treat bags like these:


When I can’t sleep sometimes I love to watch QVC because I appreciate the ways they can justify the need for the product they are selling. “Just imagine these leggings at your son’s soccer game, or wearing them to lunch with the girls, or maybe to Sunday lunch with the family”, well now you are going to get my QVC moment about these printables.  Just imagine how cute they would be on a treat bag for your daughter to give her friends that are trying out for __________(dance team, cheerleading,choir,soft ball, etc.).  How lovely one would be on a tie box (the tie you buy for your son, boyfriend or whoever before his big interview). They would be nice on treats included in a care package for a friend who is moving to a new city. They are perfect for anytime you want to wish someone a little added luck and let them know you care.  I had a really good (obsessive) afternoon working on these designs and I hope you enjoy them.  We would love to see pictures if you use any of our graphics.  Your graphics become like your cyber kids and we all love pics of our kids having fun.  


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271 Flares Twitter 47 Facebook 55 StumbleUpon 54 Google+ 50 Pin It Share 65 Reddit 0 Email -- 271 Flares ×


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  2. I am all about bag toppers lately. they are my favorite thing! I’ve been planning some for my girls’ birthdays. which are in july and august LOL

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