Repurposed Suitcase

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I have had this to be repurposed suitcase for a few months waiting to be redone.  I bought it for storage.  My plans were to store paper in it.  I have a cute tea cart that I planned to put it on,  to hold paper.  The problem has been the interior of the suitcase. I bought it at a garage sale for a dollar and did not open it until I got home.  This story does not have a happy ending.  There was not uncirculated cash worth millions in the suitcase.


What I found was this:  




The insides were horrible.  So being the procrastinator that I am, I put it on the tea cart and that was that.  The problem with this is that I still needed somewhere to store printer paper.  If it is left on the desk the cat thinks it is for her to play with. Two of my favorite crafting items came together to save this suitcase, Modge Podge and old maps.


 After the decoupaging began I did not take any pictures.  Modge Podge and cameras don’t seem to mix well. This is the finished masterpiece.  I added a cute banner to it.  The banner would be perfect for a retirement event, wedding or graduation.  I think the suitcase would be festive on a table so guests have a place to put cards and small presents. I like to combination of the saying and the maps.  I still plan on using the suitcase for storage after party season is over (retirements, a wedding and graduations). 


The legs that the suitcase is perched on came from a garage sale.  

The dowloads for the banner can be found here and here.



 I have had a love of suitcases for awhile.  This is one that I found back in the summer,  along with a set of legs that I refinished.



Where We Party

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