DIY Ribbon Organizer

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In the process of getting ready for Valentine’s Day I looked for some ribbon I had used on a previous project but could not find it.  This meant that I had to make a return trip to buy more.  You know how this story goes, as soon as I got home I found the original ribbon.  This incident is the reason I decided I needed some orginization/storage solution for my ribbon.  I do not have a true craft room so I needed something small and portable. At Christmas we made these trees:

 Fabric Christmas Tree | Craft Dictator             Fabric Christmas Tree | Craft Dictator

I made three bases for the trees but we only made two of the Christmas trees.  The third base had been on a shelf in my kitchen waiting for me to find it a home until I needed it.  It dawned on me after buying the second roll of ribbon the same color that I already owned that the Christmas tree base would be great for organizing my ribbon.



Ribbon Organizer How To:


These are the only wooden pieces I used to make the Ribbon Organizer.  I purchased all at my local craft store. Additional supplies you will need is a drill and glue.  Step #1- Drill a hole into the base the size of your dowel rod. Step #2 Glue the dowel rod into the hole.  That’s it!  I added a removable finial because of the cute factor, it serves no purpose.



The final step is that I painted the organizer. I have one blue, now one red/orange and I am painting the final one green.  I think these may help me organize the ribbon in my life. 








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DIY Ribbon Organizer — 50 Comments

  1. How very cool… I have never been into bows until this past Christmas and since am totally addicted. I hit every sale and have tons of ribbons now, so this is awesome. Thank you

  2. This is really neat! I make all my girl’s own hairbows so this would be ideal when crafting them up. I hate fishing for ribbon in my box! Nice craft!

  3. Stopping by from the You’re Gonna Love it Tuesday linky :) What a great idea! My ribbon is currently housed in two large shoe boxes, which is handy and cheap. But your idea is so pretty! I’ve seen other people hang ribbon from something attached to a wall, but I like how your’s is still portable, because like you, I don’t have a craft room and tend to craft in various areas.
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