Quilted Placemat

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 We have been stuck inside with cold weather the last week and sewing has become my current obsession.  When it warms up there will be furniture once again flowing from my garage, but for now sewing is on main stage.  Sewing was my first crafting love and it is fun to get back to it for a while. I have almost completed a baby quilt and the scraps have ended up in several projects.  The first was the coasters I completed last week.  You can see them here. The next project to come out of my creative sewing obsession was a place mat.  This is a place mat that could be used at home or would be great for a picnic or used at work when eating at your desk.  It has a tie so it is easily rolled up for hitting the road.  It would look great in a Valentine’s Day picnic basket. Wouldn’t it be fun for someone to bring you a gorgeous basket filled with treats to work on Valentine’s Day. I think that may be another post. I wish I could give you an exact pattern for this place mat.  The size is 15 inches by 20 inches. I used scraps left over from the baby quilt I am working on.

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These are the scraps left over that I worked with.  This would be a great beginning sewing project.  On the patchwork side I simply sewed scraps together until the were the size I wanted.  I then added a pocket for utensils and a napkin. 

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 I used mytrusty sewing machine.Don’t judge it is not the latest and greatest by far.  It was bought at Sears years ago for less than $100.  Even when it was new it was not the latest and greatest. I have sewn and quilted enough through the years that I could justify a higher end sewing machine.  This one does all I need and when it comes to crafting I am a little ADD.  I have always felt if I spent thousands of dollars on a sewing machine and then became obsessed with some another craft I would feel guilty about not having sewing as my main hobby. I hope that makes sense.


 The reverse side of the place mat has an striped heart on it.  I simply cut out the heart shape and zig-zagged it onto the fabric. When both sides where complete I made a sandwich of the two sides with batting in the middle.


I added a cute little pocket so that when this was used at a picnic the utensils could be prepacked and would stay in place when it was rolled up for packing.



The place mat is made of the same fabrics that I used in the coaster I showed you last week. Together they would make a great present. I meant this to be a true how to post but that is not how it ended up.  I hope what you will take away from this is that being creative is good for the soul and to create with what you have.  Great things can come out of the scraps of life.  



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