Pinwheel quilt

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This is my pinwheel quilt.  I made it for my friend Rachel’s wedding last summer!  So, I’ve always loved pinwheel quilts but had never been brave enough to make them.  But last year I decided that’s what I wanted to do for this quilt.  So I googled pinwheel quilts and found a design I kind of liked.
Then I went to JoAnn’s and found this fabric that I thought looked like Rachel and I really thought it would look good in Pinwheels!
Then I started out  making my pinwheels.  I really didn’t know what to expect and there was definitely a lot of squaring off but I think that turned out well!
This was the quilt when I had it laid out ready to start sewing the rows together.
When I first started I didn’t think I wanted to put a border on it but once I got the middle pieced together I thought that I would like it better with the border.
Here is the top piece all put together ready to quilt.  I added some pinwheels in the corners because I thought it would pull it all together.
This is also one of the first quilts I ever quilted myself.  I probably didn’t do the best job but the quilting turned out ok.  My mom and I took a quilting class and then we were able to rent out the machines and quilt a few of our quilts.
Here is the finished project.  This was another quilt that once it was done it was hard to give it up!  But I knew Rachel would love it and I thought it really looked like her!
After I finished the quilt I decided it would be cute to put it in a picnic basket and make it like a picnic blanket.   So I got some silverware, plates, and napkins from world market and put it all together in a basket I got at a quilt show.  I loved it all together!
This is another one of my favorite quilts that I have made so I thought I would do a whole blog for it!  I’m hoping to do another pinwheel quilt soon!
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